Woman holding tindernest with flameFiremaking sessions

Make fire with your bare hands.

You may think you don’t need this skill in the modern world — a match or an electric switch is quicker. But then you always have to rely on someone else to provide you an essential of life.

Learn from an expert how to make fire and know you can produce life-giving heat under any conditions: rain, snow or high winds. Once you do, the exhilarating sense of achievement will never leave you. (more…)

Feel good outdoors using natural survival skills

Walking the cliffs of HoyFive Senses is a blend of ancient and modern skills to help you explore outdoors with confidence and awareness.

Learn how to:

Here is more about what you can do: (more…)

Rucksack on clifftop3 Day Orkney Experience

Orkney is full of amazing sights, many of which are regularly missed by visitors because they’re not in the guidebooks or are hard to find.

We’ve spent years exploring, finding our favourite locations and tailoring them to the kinds of experiences our guests most want to have.

Tell us a bit about what you want and we’ll come up with your magical holiday.

It is entirely possible for you to be truly eco-friendly and to explore Orkney without using a car or bus. We will guide you however best suits you.

Limpets are fantastic free foodBushcraft and Survival courses

Bushcraft is art as well as skill. It is a way of life, living as part of nature.

Survival is about knowing what to do, in what order, fast and effectively.

Learn both in a friendly way that’s in tune with nature, that does not compromise our future survival on this planet.

Five Senses teaches bushcraft survival focusing upon self-reliance and the minimal amount of kit; inspired by the Stone Age in Orkney. We emphasise using your hands, brain and senses to be safe and feel good outdoors. (more…)