Connect with Scotland’s wild past and rich present-day culture...

Cultural tour of Scotland: the Wayfinder Experience

A life-changing experience in Scotland We have spent years exploring Scotland’s every nook and cranny, taking guests, friends and family to places that fill them with delight and wonder. All that knowledge has led to the development of our Wayfinder Experience and we couldn't be more excited to share this with you. Every part of the experience is designed to stimulate your senses, from the taste of the foods you eat on our picnic to the smells of the fire we gather around after the day is done. Over the course of 3 days and 2 nights, you will...
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What we do

Five Senses runs outdoor experiences that help you enjoy finding your way in a wild world. We’re based on a 1300 acre country estate near Alyth, Perthshire. 

Our activities reawaken senses that have been dulled by stress and boredom. 

Remember how you felt when you curled your toes in the sand at the beach? Or smelled freshly cut grass and thought: summer’s here? Your senses were awake, so even the simplest of things were amazing. 

Whether you learn to make fire, navigate by starlight or experience Scotland in a way you’d never imagined, you’ll feel completely alive. That feeling will follow you home, so every day has a bit of magic.

Firemaking Courses

Making fire is a an essential part of human life, as inseparable from us as our need for shelter, food or water. And it was once far more sacred...
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Navigation Courses

Learn to navigate not just with compass and map, but by starlight and moon, wind and sun. Never be lost again. Why learn how to navigate? Learning...
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“It was the most memorable experience of my two weeks holiday in Ireland and Scotland…”

Matt B.

“It’s an amazing place; however, this can only really be appreciated if you do it with Five Senses. Out of all of the experiences that we had on our trip to the UK, meeting Malcolm and his wife Rachel and going to all of these ancient places and learning so much was the highlight of the trip. Not to mention actually being able to touch a part of the past.”

Brian M.