Connect with Scotland’s wild past...

Based at the 1300 acre estate of Bamff in Perthshire, spend a day or a weekend mastering the ancient magic of fire.

What we do

When Promethius stole the knowledge of fire making from the gods, humans took a huge evolutionary leap forward. But many people today are unable to light a fire the old fashioned way and are disconnected from their past.

Those who know the skills that firemaking entails have a grasp of what life was like and thus experience the past differently.

When you can imagine and appreciate our ancestors’ lives, you feel connected to your heritage.

When you understand a thistle or nettle holds the key to a warm fire on a cold night, when nature feels abundant and deliciously diverse, you feel differently about nature and feel part of it.

Here in the Highlands of Scotland, we teach fire making skills to beginners, helping you to get connected.

Firemaking Courses

What do you do without warmth and light, especially in the dark uncertainty of the night?

Come and learn this most ancient of skills with us in Scotland, and you’ll leave with the blissful confidence firemaking brings.

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“It was the most memorable experience of my two weeks holiday in Ireland and Scotland…”

Matt B.

Even in these hi-tech days fire still has a magical power to thrill.”

Brian M.