Frozen Planet on BBC iplayer - Delightful


I have, like so many of you, been mesmerised by the new nature programme from the BBC – Frozen Planet.

Penguins in flight

Tonight’s viewing was titled ‘Summer’ and particularly resonated with me as we saw many species familiar to us here in the Orkney Islands, even though at 59 degrees north we are short of the Arctic. Great to see Skuas, Arctic Turns, Killer Whales and such like. It reminds us how lucky we are to see these here, on our doorstep.

Polar bears

The scene I felt the most affinity with was when the Turns were attacking the Polar Bear to defend their nests! Though they can be nasty here in Orkney, it was a walk across a remote shingle beach of Iceland, with no shelter for over a mile, that I first encountered such a ferocious attack myself. They drew blood from me too – and scared me into the bargain.

Another piece sparked a different memory – when I stumbled across a Snowy Owl here in Orkney, just feet in front of me on the Birsay moors – but that is another story (funny too).

If you get the chance, do watch this series – it is quite amazing. Stunningly beautiful and a joy, showing our planet Earth in much of it’s glory. 10/10

This is what The Guardian had to say about the programme today and it’s host David Attenborough

(Another good example of why the BBC is so important an organisation. Long may it continue).

Here is the link:

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