Energy medicine is about using the body’s natural energy to support healing and feeling well. It involves moving energy around your body, often either by touching your skin directly such as in acupuncture, or by using your hands, such as in reiki.

Why learn about energy medicine?

We’ve been so impressed by one particular form of energy medicine in terms of what a difference it can make to your health and well-being while also being easy and free to do that we’ve incorporated it into our Wayfinder Experience tour. So this post is to explain a bit about what energy medicine is and how we use it.

Sceptical about reiki

We’ll be honest: we thought energy medicine — specifically, a form of it known as reiki — was a bit of harmless nonsense when we first came across it about 10 years ago. It seemed to involve people holding their hands above someone’s body for a long time and then claiming magical healing.

In fact, a guest of ours felt a ‘calling’ to induct as into reiki, and we spent a pleasant half hour having her wave her arms around us. We didn’t feel anything during or after the session, so after gamely practicing a few more times, we let it go.

Giving energy medicine a second try

However, when Rachel was struggling with seriously low energy and no underlying cause could be identified despite endless tests, she turned once again to energy medicine to see if it could help.

Donna Eden came to her attention as someone who advocated doing a simple daily 5 minute routine that could help bring in energy when nothing else seemed to work.

Donna Eden’s 5 Minute Energy Routine

The routine mainly involves running your hands over the meridians, or energy lines, in your body or tapping acupuncture points on the body with your fingers. With practice, it can also be used to test things like whether a food is good for you, or even a medication. Here it is in action with a very enthusiastic Donna:

Trying it out for yourself

Donna Eden has a wealth of resources and books and videos on YouTube (here’s our playlist of Energy Medicine favourites), with enough free material to make it easy to try out. A week after faithfully practicing the 5 Minute Routine daily, Rachel¬†began feeling much more awake and full of energy, able to start running again.

A few months on, we’ve felt the benefits sufficiently to want to pass the information along to our guests and readers. We look forward to introducing our guests to it during the Wayfinder Experience and getting their impressions.

Energy medicine for couples, you say?

As with all things, it’s not for everybody, but it works well for many and it’s working for Rachel. Malcolm is now trying out the 5 Minute Routine and we’re even experimenting with a couple’s version, the Energies of Love, that looks at how partners’ energies affect one another and how to manage conflict using energy techniques. Yep, we’re looking forward to learning those!

From our perspective, anything that’s free to do, has no negative side effects, and seems to make you feel better is worth serious investigation.