Comfy Campcraft

5 Star Comfort Camping

Tents and fireside 5 star camping is about being really comfortable and having real fun too.

If you like the ‘idea’ of camping but hate the discomfort, horrible plastic equipment, the boredom and feeling like you don’t know quite what you are doing – this course is for you!

We share our best tips to help not just you, but also your less enthusiastic friends or family members, revel in the joy that can be camping done well.

What will I learn?

Camping done well is such a joy — so learn how to:

  • make insulation mattresses from plants
  • make fire tools and seats
  • have good camp hygiene
  • handle water and food
  • cook with wild foods
  • manage if you have no toilet paper
  • choose equipment and to select the best

You’ll also learn:

  • where to pitch your tent by location and natural features
  • how to sleep well while camping
  • games for the family
  • nature appreciation
  • the stars and skies
  • how to leave no trace

Who is the course for?

This is ideal for young friends, families or couples, with or without children — especially if you have family or a partner who is mismatched with you in enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

If you like the idea of a camp fire but don’t know where to start, if you love food but hate cooking, if you love fresh salads and sushi but cannot tell a seaweed from a nettle, if knives and axes seem dangerous, if you like comfort and think camping isn’t that, it is time for you to discover “comfy camping”.

Learn how to live in the outdoors in style, connected with nature, with only the essential and best equipment, skills and a lot of games, adventures and crafts.

We want to make camping real fun for you, something you can take pride in and thoroughly enjoy.


We run these courses in various locations in the UK, during the summer. If you cannot see one you like in the Events page, give us a call and lets see if we can run one for you, close to home.

Price and duration

Comfy campcraft is a two night, two day weekend adventure.

Prices start from £165 per person, depending upon what level of equipment you need to hire. Families can arrange special weekends just for them and prices will include large discounts for the kids, again depending upon equipment and age.

Get in touch and we will come up with a fantastic adventure for you.

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